PUB RESTORED INTO A CHURCH - Salem Danville, Pretoria, South Africa


Salem Danville's first service was under a carport on the 1st of March 2009 with 6 people. We started because the people of Danville spoke a need of a Biblical, relevant and alive church.

In December of 2009 we took over an old pub in Danville and renovated it into our church - a miracle done by God! Today we minister to about 100 people, 30 teenagers and 60 children.
Danville is a poor area in Pretoria West, South Africa - unique in a sense that there is poor people of all cultures and races.

Our vision - to bring His Peace and restoration to the people of Danville. To show them that your circumstances do not dictate God's love for you. Jesus loves all, no matter who you are, what you've done, or how much money you have!

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Kobus & Anina Homan (Pastors Salem Danville)

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A little book that speaks

Do you believe that God can use anyone to speak through?

Yesterday I told you about the lady that has very little in life, but she was so thankful about her new job and small wooden home, that she gave us a little inspirational book, to show God her gratitude!

The little book is about the well-known “Footprints”:

Although these words are familiar to us, God used it to speak to us, God said to us through this little book: “I AM carrying you My children!”

Even if you are in fulltime ministry, you sometimes need to hear words like these! It is just so much more special if the message comes in a special way!

God can use anything or anyone to get a message to you. In our case, a woman who seemingly has nothing was the messenger from God. Although she gave a little book, God changed it in a message!

Are you missing a message from God through a seemingly unimportant person or gift?

Or maybe you need to give a “little book” that will give a message to someone else!

God is alive and well. He speaks to His children – you just need to listen to the hidden messages that He brings through people and things you don’t expect it from!


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