PUB RESTORED INTO A CHURCH - Salem Danville, Pretoria, South Africa


Salem Danville's first service was under a carport on the 1st of March 2009 with 6 people. We started because the people of Danville spoke a need of a Biblical, relevant and alive church.

In December of 2009 we took over an old pub in Danville and renovated it into our church - a miracle done by God! Today we minister to about 100 people, 30 teenagers and 60 children.
Danville is a poor area in Pretoria West, South Africa - unique in a sense that there is poor people of all cultures and races.

Our vision - to bring His Peace and restoration to the people of Danville. To show them that your circumstances do not dictate God's love for you. Jesus loves all, no matter who you are, what you've done, or how much money you have!

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Kobus & Anina Homan (Pastors Salem Danville)

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Knock, knock!

This past two days I have been sharing with you about the witchdoctor that experienced something about the power of God, but is too afraid to accept Jesus.

God is calling his name, but the fear of this unknown God prevents him to answer the call.

I know however that my God will keep on knocking on the door of this man heart and will keep on calling his name!

This made me think of somebody in the Bible who also heard God calling but did not yet know Him personally:

1 Samuel 3:7(MSG)
 6-7 God called again, "Samuel, Samuel!"
    Samuel got up and went to Eli, "I heard you call. Here I am."
    Again Eli said, "Son, I didn't call you. Go back to bed." (This all happened before Samuel knew God for himself. It was before the revelation of God had been given to him personally.)

God kept on calling until Samuel realized that it was God. From the time that Samuel answered that call, he got to know God personally.

God is constantly calling all the people who do not know Him yet. It is like someone constantly knocking at a door, even though no one opens the door. God will keep on knocking until you open the door of your heart to Him.

One time I asked God if He ever stops knocking at someone’s door if they keep on ignoring Him. His answer was yes…

His knocking is every heartbeat of a person’s heart. The day that heart stops beating, the knocking will stop!

Have you opened your hearts door to God’s knocking? He longs to reveal Himself personally to you!


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