PUB RESTORED INTO A CHURCH - Salem Danville, Pretoria, South Africa


Salem Danville's first service was under a carport on the 1st of March 2009 with 6 people. We started because the people of Danville spoke a need of a Biblical, relevant and alive church.

In December of 2009 we took over an old pub in Danville and renovated it into our church - a miracle done by God! Today we minister to about 100 people, 30 teenagers and 60 children.
Danville is a poor area in Pretoria West, South Africa - unique in a sense that there is poor people of all cultures and races.

Our vision - to bring His Peace and restoration to the people of Danville. To show them that your circumstances do not dictate God's love for you. Jesus loves all, no matter who you are, what you've done, or how much money you have!

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Kobus & Anina Homan (Pastors Salem Danville)

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Are you safe?

Jeremiah 7:9-10(NLT)
9 Do you really think you can steal, murder, commit adultery, lie, and burn incense to Baal and all those other new gods of yours, 10 and then come here and stand before me in my Temple and chant, “We are safe!”—only to go right back to all those evils again?

This is an extremely hard Word. But in reality many people live this way.

Many people confess Jesus as their savior, but from the day they made that choice, their lives have never changed. Or maybe it changed for a few days, only to go right back to their sinful behavior.

Many people attend church once a week to sooth their guilty conscience and feel just safe enough to carry on with their sinful behavior on Monday.

The reality is that unfortunately this is a false sense of security, thinking I am right with God.

Jesus is the only way to be made right with God, but if you have truly made a commitment to Him, your life will surely change!

Many preachers make the mistake to emotionally convince people to accept Jesus as Savior, but they never explain that it is actually just the start of a life-long journey of change and sanctification.

Does it mean that if we struggle with some kind of sin we fall in the same category?

For me it is an attitude of the heart! If your attitude is “I will just carry on sinning”, then you fall in the category of the people Jeremiah is speaking of.

If your heart attitude is however “Lord, I am still struggling with this sin, please help me”, you are in the category of the repented, humble Christian who knows that it is a life-long journey of becoming more like Jesus.

Going to church won’t make you safe. Going to church will however help you to experience the arms of a loving Father. This true feeling of safety will motivate you to change, because there is no better place than the safe arms of our heavenly Father!


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